Interview: Dan K. Brown – The Fixx

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Dan K Brown The Fixx

Interview: Dan K. Brown – The Fixx

Article by Eric Larson, © Copyright 2018
Featured photo credit: Christina Jansen


Dan K. Brown of The Fixx is one of the most versatile and talented bass players around, and is one of my personal favorite players of all time. His extensive use of fretless bass throughout his decades with The Fixx has some of the most creative, melodic, rhythmic, and varied bass lines you can find anywhere. And his fretted playing is equally impressive. If you are not familiar with the music of The Fixx I strongly suggest checking them out. They are still actively recording and touring – impressive after nearly 40 years together. I have seen the band live many times over the years and they truly continue to get better and better.

This is one of those bands where each member is critically important and each plays a very unique role. From the brilliant vocals of lead singer Cy Curnin and the genius style of guitarist Jamie West-Oram, to the tasteful and critical keys and synths of Rupert Greenall, the solid and creative drumming of Adam Woods, and the irreplaceable bass of Dan K. Brown – each is a master at their craft. I have met the band on a few occasions and was thrilled to have Dan answer a few questions.

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